Schizophrenia staved off with fish oils

Fish Oils may help prevent Schizophrenia

Fish oils may help young people stave off mental health problems including psychosis and schizophrenia for the long term a Melbourne University study has found.

Seven years after the original trial, only four of those who took fish oil capsules have developed a psychotic disorder, compared to 16 from a placebo group.

This is a remarkable result for a product with no side effects and in fact additional benefits for overall health.

They researchers say that ‘Long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are essential for neural development and function. As key components of brain tissue, omega-3 PUFAs play critical roles in brain development and function, and a lack of these fatty acids has been implicated in a number of mental health conditions over the lifespan, including schizophrenia.’

Ensure you use quality fish oil as the researcher noted that cheap over the counter fish oil may not be fresh and have the right dose. Journal reference: Nature Communications Article Read in on ABC