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How To Lose Weight and Keep it off

A Proven 3 Step  Plan that Works

Nutrition for mind and body – a holistic approach

1. Body: Find out what to eat to burn fat without hunger.

2. Mind: Learn the secrets so you feel empowered

3.You lose weight and keep it off

There are many ways to lose weight although most require will power and leave you unsatisfied.

Hunger and cravings can cause you to give up and then you have the problem of the yo-yo weight  fluctuations.

On your personalized  plan you can eat until fullness and still lose a mass of fat. More importantly you eat a variety of delicious foods that  gives emotional pleasure. You’ll learn how to reduce cravings and avoid the unconscious processes that drive  feelings of deprivation and self sabotage.  This makes your ‘personalized eating style’ more effective and help you  persist because its easy, flexible and sustainable long term.

The 3 Step  Plan

1. Receive an expert assessment of your health and causes of your weight gain. e.g. hormones or  deficiencies so these can be removed.

2. Learn the foods to enjoy so you get out of fat storage mode and into fat burning zone.

3. Exercise- you don’t need to klll yourself at the gym – learn what exercise is the best.

You receive eating plans ,recipes, and an information  manual so its easy to follow.

Discover and manage  your psychological eating triggers and drives so you dont  self sabotage.

 By understanding the 3 Step Plan you can achieve successful weight loss

The body is incredibly complex and there are many other factors that influence your weight. It’s the types of  foods not just the quantity that is out of line and causes health problems and weight gain.

You can achieve successful long term weight loss by establishing a new eating habits that satisfy you emotionally so you can continue for life.

The good news is, by understanding our deep attachment to food, and our instincts, you can make real long-term changes.

How to lose weight fast and keep it off

When you start, we tailor a program for you to lose weight fast.

Your program is supported and monitored but remains flexible.Care is taken to ensure that you lose fat, and not muscle mass.  Weekly sessions enable you to monitor your body composition on BIA scales (Biometric Impedance Analysis)  so you can reductions  of fat % and maintenance of muscle in your body.

As you progress, your  session also includes support and education so you learn how to keep the weight off long term.

This includes problem solving and removing obstacles that prevent you from losing weight; factors such as motivation, hard -to-break habits and emotional eating. You can’t rely on diet and exercise alone.You will learn about ‘The 5 Instincts’ that drive you to eat certain things such as sweet fatty foods and how you can placate these instincts and still lose weight.

You will also learn some tricks you can use to reduce hunger and cravings.

It is empowering, interesting, and it will guide you to make lasting changes.

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Helps you burn fat without  hunger

Monitored Weight Loss Programs

Know you are Losing fat and fluid , not muscle

Managing your unconscious eating  instincts

Helps you reduce cravings and self sabotage