Genetic Testing

Dig down further To uncover predispositions to health and weight gain issues

Now Genetic testing can identify inherited Weight Gain and Health Predispositions

Find out your  inherited genetic strengths and weaknesses.
Implement preventative health strategies.
Discover  if you have Fat storage genes- e.g.the thrify gene
Learn how to activate the genes to burn fat
Find out your risks for common health conditions
Learn how to reduce them before they become disease

Genetic testing is an important new tool that can dig down further into the root causes of health issues and weight gain. It is an additional service we can provide by itself or as part of your weight loss program.

You can’t change your genes but you can influence their activation with your diet and lifestyle choices .  Knowledge of  particular genes can take the guess work out like knowing your size when you buy clothes.  We will guide you through this to develop a personalized health and well being program. This will last you for your life.

Testing is simple with just a saliva sample, sealed in a plastic tube and sent to the laboratory. Results come back in 3 weeks. You’ll receive a comprehensive printed report showing all 100 genes with explanation and recommendations.

Plus your receive a  personalized priority recommendations report  
By knowing  your genetically preferred diet+lifestyle+ psychology  you can optimize your health and longevity. 

  • Knowing your genes is the best Self Help information you will ever get. It gives you an action plan.
  • Find out your genetic strengths and weaknesses so you understand yourself better. Its your blue print.
  • Prevent and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, as well as treat existing health problems.
  • Know exactly which supplements will help your body function at it’s very best- increase energy and mood.
  • Discover which  weight reduction or maintenance strategy will work best for you.

Genetic testing can help

  • Weight loss  – learn what genes are increasing fat storage and appetite and how to manipulate them.
  • Lipid (cholesterol)  –find out what fats you need or don’t need to normalize  cholesterol. – LDL and+ HDL
  • High blood pressure risk– what to do to manage blood pressure
  • Inflammation-   how to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Liver detoxification capacity – how your body removes  toxins and substances such as alcohol, medications, heavy metals and  hormones
  • Diabetes  – know how well you control your blood sugar and weight gain
  • Oxidative stress- find out your need for antioxidants
  • Bone health –indicates level of  vitamin D absorption- prevention of osteoporosis and prostate and breast cancer
  • Oestrogen risk  –discover  your ability to clear oestrogens from your body to reduce breast cancer risk
  • Lactose intolerance risk
  • Coeliac disease risk 
  • Caffeine metabolism and liver clearance of toxins. Find out how to improve your liver function
  • Salt sensitivity- related to blood pressure
  • Specific nutrient needs – you may have an increased need for certain nutrients for example, Omega-3s, vitamin B2, B12, Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, COQ10
  • Nutrigenomic – what  you need to make your genes work better – to make functional  enzymes
  • Methylation  – need to help reduce  autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, stroke, mental health and cardiovascular disease risk. Check before pregnancy.
  • Physiogenomic  –  brain and mood health risks  plus how you deal with stress, and change in the seasons.
  • Sports & Exercise  – what exercise is best for your body, such as endurance or sprint and power. Plus  how quickly muscles recover from exercise and lactic acid build up.

Visit us in the Geelong area, or a saliva sample kit can be sent to you by post.