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Nutrition for Mind & Body services

Christine Tuisku Nutrition For Mind & Body

 You can improve your health, lose weight

Simply by gaining insight into your habits and food choices. Use a proven, effective and healthy weight loss plan using nutritional science.

Anxiety, Depression and other mental conditions

New research has revealed how strongly our mental function is dependent on our gut biome and nutrition. This can change your life.

Delve deeper with Hemaview and Genetic testing

We can use these modern tools to find out causes specific to you for a more accurate treatment plan.

I am a new woman.
Christine and I have worked together as a team these past few months and it has changed my life. I have dropped 12 kilos of fat in 12 weeks and kept up my muscle. And it has been easy.
I had a tight chunky hard leather feel body and am now soft and light. My skin has improved as has my energy and self-esteem in general.
It has even changed my attitude as I now feel more positive and have a can do attitude.
Now I think I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Jo | Aged 43

For the past few months Christine has been helping me with some long-standing digestion issues.
Christine genuinely cares for her clients and goes way above and beyond to help them. She does lots of extra research so she can provide you with as much information as possible on causes and solutions.
Christine has incredible knowledge and the only thing that surpasses this knowledge is her integrity. She is very caring, engaging, generous and kind. She is also the only person I know who’s laugh is louder than mine! I Cannot recommend Christine highly enough.

Tara | Torque

Christine helped me with weight and food intolerance problems. She was informative and educational. I kept the weight off and found the diet a real eye opener in learning about the foods that I can and cannot eat.

Sharon |